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Mary Tudor s Bloody Mary - 1412 Words

â€Å"Mary Mary quite contrary. How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockleshells. And pretty maids all in a row.† This is a nursery that is believed to be associated with Mary Tudor, most commonly known as â€Å"Bloody Mary†. Sounds like an innocent nursey rhyme, right? But really, according to Gillies, the garden in the nursery rhyme is a reference to graveyards which were increasing in size, with those who dared to continue to follow the Protestant faith. The silver bells and cockleshells were said to be used as torture devices and the pretty maids mentioned in the nursery rhyme were in rows for guillotines. There are stories out there that dig deeper into the nursey rhyme and tell about the history and background of this nursery rhyme. Mary â€Å"Bloody Mary† Tudor failed her duties as queen, due to the forces- some of which were not in her control- effecting her life. Mary Tudor, according to Hope, has been known as a catholic dictator who kille d nearly three hundred Protestants, all including men, women, and even children, during her short reign that lasted five years. Jessica Hope states that historians tried to re-evaluate Mary’s reputation and they have argued that Mary deserves more appreciation for her work than previously thought. This shows that Mary Tudor was not a bad person, but she did good things throughout her lifetime. Mary Tudor was born February 18, 1516 in a palace- Palace of Placentia- located in Greenwich, England. Mary was born to King Henry VIIIShow MoreRelatedQueen Mary Of A Bloody Mary Essay1503 Words   |  7 PagesThomas Salter Mrs. Lusk Parrish English 11 Accelerated 11 March 2016 Queen Bloody Mary Did you know that the legend of Bloody Mary is real and originated with Queen Mary I of England, the source of over 300 deaths? Over 400 years ago, Queen Mary Tudor ruled in England from 1553, until her death in 1558. Mary was a Catholic and so were her parents, but when her Mother and father got divorced, her father switched to a Protestant faith. When she became Queen she quickly reformed her Father religiousRead MoreMary Tudor s First And Only Child Between Her Mother And Father1140 Words   |  5 Pages2015 Mary Tudor Mary Tudor was born February 18, 1516 to Katherine of Aragon and King Henry Tudor VIII. She was the first and only child between her mother and father. In her early life, the people of England and the royal court adored Mary greatly. â€Å"She was by nature modest, affectionate, and kindly. Like all Tudor princesses she had been well educated, speaking Latin, French, and Spanish with facility, and she was in particular an accomplished musician.† (Thurston). Like her mother, Mary wasRead More Queen Elizabeth Essay examples1227 Words   |  5 Pagesadultery and treason, this was just a way to rid himself of her rather then get a divorce. This was not Henryamp;#8217;s first wife; this was his second wife. His first wife had also born him a female child. He had divorced her in hopes that he would get an heir from Anne. With his first wife, Catherine, he had a daughter, which they named Mary. Between the time of Elizabethamp;#8217;s mothers death and 1537 Henry married yet again . The woman was named Jane Seymour and she cared greatly for ElizabethRead MoreThe Elizabethan Er The Golden Age Of English History1527 Words   |  7 Pageswas succeeded by Elizabeth s siblings Edward and Mary. Her father’s reign was shaped by his separation from the Catholic Church, which sparked years of religious controversy in England. Queen Elizabeth s mother was Protestant, but Elizabeth’s predecessor and sister Mary was Catholic. Navigating the religious instability that resulted from these religious changes was one of Elizabeth s great obstacles when obtaining the throne. Despite such challenges, Elizabeth I s reign was one of the more constructiveRead MoreDid Mary I deserve the title bloody mary?1488 Words   |  6 PagesDid Mary I deserve the title ‘Bloody Mary’? The question of this essay is ‘Did Mary I really deserve the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’? This essay will show the reasons why she does and why she doesn’t deserve the nickname. Mary I was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. She was claimed illegitimate by her father and was forced to sign papers saying that he had never married her mother (Catherine of Aragon). Mary wasn’t allowed to see her mother and was sent away by Henry VIII. She followedRead MoreHenry Viii And The Succession1438 Words   |  6 Pagesfirst born child a Bastard and his second child, the rightful ruler of England, the next minute he swore that both were bastards, and therefore needed to make a formal will. By doing this, Henry VIII had the unusual opportunity to choose his successor(s). First in line would be his new son, then his â€Å"bastard† daughters who would be named legitimate heirs to the throne if needed. After them, Frances Grey would inherit the title. This left Lady Jane Grey fourth in line to the throne. In the successionRead MoreBurnings of Protestants and the Failure of Marys Religious Policy2836 Words   |  12 PagesBurnings of Protestant s and the Failure of Marys Religious Policy After Mary had taken the throne from Lady Jane Grey in 1553, she had, in her view, the task of returning the church to the state it had been in at the start of 1534. By the end of the year of her accession, Mary had re-implemented the heresy laws and by her death in November 1558, a minimum of 287 Protestants had died in the flames at Smithfield and elsewhere across the country. At the end of Marys reignRead MoreThe First Child Of Her Parents, Henry Viii Of England1887 Words   |  8 PagesMary Tudor was the first child of her parents, Henry VIII of England and Catherine of Aragon, to survive until adulthood. Politically motivated, Henry was unsatisfied that his wife had not birthed a healthy son, and since he desired a son to succeed him, he attempted to get a divorce. In order to do so, since divorce was not allowed in the Catholic religion, he broke from Rome and made himself head of the church. Henry was eventually successful in bearing a son, and when he died in 1547, EdwardRead MoreThe Beginning Of The Reformation1476 Words   |  6 Pagestheir true path to salvation, which was faith alone† They argued for a religious and political redistribution of power into the hands of Bible. The word spread because of the invention of the printing press which basically as the internet of the 1500’s. They found that if the out the whole alphabet onto a bunch of lead blocks inside out and upside down, they found that they could print these theses over and over. (Without it the modern era would not have come about) . So after the theses went publicRead MoreMary Tudor s The Queen Of The Throne2279 Words   |  10 PagesMary Tudor journeyed on a wild adventure throughout her life as she rose to the throne. Her life began on February 18th in 1516, when she was born to her parents King Henry and Catherine of Aragon at the Palace of Placentia, which is located in Greenwich, E ngland. She was a marvelous blessing to her parents, and the events that happened when she was young greatly affected her life as she got older as well. The Mary Tudor Biography states, â€Å"She was the only child of King Henry VIII and his first wife

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How to Solve Proportions Using a Recipe

A proportion is a set of 2 fractions that equal each other. This worksheet focuses on how to solve proportions. Real World Uses of Proportions Modifying a budget for a restaurant chain that is expanding from 3 locations to 20 locationsCreating a skyscraper from blueprintsCalculating tips, commissions, and sales tax Modifying a Recipe On Monday, you are cooking enough white rice to serve exactly 3 people. The recipe calls for 2 cups of water and 1 cup of dry rice. On Sunday, you are going to serve rice to 12 people. How would the recipe change? If youve ever made rice, you know that this ratio - 1 part dry rice and 2 parts water - is important. Mess it up, and youll be scooping a gummy, hot mess on top of your guests crawfish à ©touffà ©e. Because you are quadrupling your guest list (3 people * 4 12 people), you must quadruple your recipe. Cook 8 cups of water and 4 cups of dry rice. These shifts in a recipe demonstrate the heart of proportions: use a ratio to accommodate lifes greater and smaller changes. Algebra and Proportions 1 Sure, with the right numbers, you can forgo setting up an algebraic equation to determine the amounts of dry rice and water. What happens when the numbers are not so friendly? On Thanksgiving, youll be serving rice to 25 people. How much water do you need? Because the ratio of 2 parts water and 1 part dry rice applies to cooking 25 servings of rice, use a proportion to determine the quantity of ingredients. Note: Translating a word problem into an equation is super important. Yes, you can solve an incorrectly set up equation and find an answer. You can also mix rice and water together to create food to serve at Thanksgiving. Whether the answer or food is palatable depends on the equation. Think about what you know: 3 servings of cooked rice 2 cups of water; 1 cup of dry rice25 servings of cooked rice ? cups of water; ? cup of dry rice3 servings of cooked rice/25 servings of cooked rice 2 cups of water/x cups of water3/25 2/x Cross multiply. Hint: Write these fractions vertically to get the full understanding of cross multiplying. To cross multiply, take the first fractions numerator and multiply it by the second fractions denominator. Then take the second fractions numerator and multiply it by the first fractions denominator. 3 * x 2 * 253x 50 Divide both sides of the equation by 3 to solve for x. 3x/3 50/3x 16.6667 cups of water Freeze- verify that the answer is correct. Is 3/25 2/16.6667?3/25 .122/16.6667 .12 Whoo hoo! The first proportion is right. Algebra and Proportions 2 Remember that x will not always be in the numerator. Sometimes the variable is in the denominator, but the process is the same. Solve the following for x. 36/x 108/12 Cross multiply: 36 * 12 108 * x432 108x Divide both sides by 108 to solve for x. 432/108 108x/1084 x Check and make sure the answer is right. Remember, a proportion is defined as 2 equivalent fractions:Does 36/4 108/12? 36/4 9108/12 9 Its right! Practice Instructions: Solve for the unknown variable. Check your answers. a/49 4/356/x 8/329/3 12/b5/60 k/652/949 s/36522.5/x 5/100a/180 4/100

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Lesson 6 Free Essays

Key Question 6 a) The opening Act of King Lear evidently portrays Lear’s downward movement as it coincides with Aristotle’s structure of Greek tragedy. The play begins with Lear, a hero of noble birth and ruler of Britain, in an ordered society soon to be disrupted by a fatal flaw that is the result of his excessive pride. His journey from the ordered to the disordered world becomes apparent after he hands his land over to his two elder daughters and banishes his youngest daughter Cordelia from the kingdom. We will write a custom essay sample on Lesson 6 or any similar topic only for you Order Now The initial situation began when Lear asks Cordelia, â€Å"What can you say to draw / A third more opulent than your sisters? † (I i 87-88), in which she answers â€Å"Nothing, my lord† (I i 89). This demonstrates Lear’s arrogance and triggers the rash decision he makes that would greatly impact the tragic events that follow. At the end of the scene, his two elder daughters immediately work to conspire against him so that he would be left with no power at all. Goneril says to Regan that they â€Å"must do something, and i’ th’ heat† (I ii 311). This foreshadows Lear’s impending downward movement and begins the reversal of his fortunes as things go from bad to worse. Lear’s recognition of the truth and the existence of his tragic circumstance becomes slightly clear to him when he wonders whether he has lost his mind and cries out â€Å"O let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven! † (I v 46). Act I leaves off at this stage where Lear is about to suffer tremendously before further stages of recognition, retribution, and restitution occur later in the play. ) In Act I of King Lear, references to the principle motifs of nature and the unnatural, sanity/madness, and â€Å"nothing† all reinforce the downward movement of Lear’s perception of his own identity. Lear’s Fool constantly tries to warn him of his mistake in a series of riddles, puns, and songs: â€Å"The hedge-sparrow fed the cuckoo so long / That it had it head bit off by it young† (I iv 221-222). Referencing the nature of animals in that song, the Fool is telling Lear that his two daughters resemble a traitorous â€Å"cuckoo† who betrays the one who raised them. This emphasizes the eventual downward movement of Lear’ perception of his own identity as a father who is so â€Å"loved† by his daughters. When Lear leaves Goneril’s castle and is preparing to visit his other daughter Regan, he prayed to heaven that he would not go crazy: â€Å"O let me not be mad, not mad, sweet heaven! Keep me in temper, I would not be mad! † (I v 46-47). Lear’s fear of going insane from his daughter’s betrayal demonstrates another downward movement of Lear’s perception of his own identity. Also, references to the motif of nothingness occur when the Fool is speaking to Lear in the presence of Kent. The Fool asks Lear, â€Å"Can you make no use of nothing, Nuncle? † (I iv 133-134), in which Lear responds, â€Å"Why, no boy. Nothing can be made out of nothing† (I iv 135-136). This is foreshadowing Lear’s inevitable downfall because he would soon have nothing to make use of since he has chosen to hand all of his formal authority over to his two daughters who do not actually love him. It appears that Lear’s perception of his positive, all-powerful identity is about to lead him into a tragic breakdown in the way the three motifs of nature and the unnatural, sanity/madness, and â€Å"nothing† are referenced throughout the first Act of the play. c) Lear calls upon his three daughters and announces that he intends to divide his kingdom among them, promising the greatest share to the daughter who declares that she loves him the most. Goneril begins with her speech telling Lear that she loves him â€Å"more than words can wield† (I i 57) and Regan makes a request to receive the same value of fortunes as her sister, telling Lear, â€Å"I am made of that same mettle as my sister, / And prize me at her worth. In my true heart / I find she names my very deed of love† (I i 71-73). Both daughters’ speeches, filled with exaggerated flattery and blatant lies, earn each one a generous portion of the kingdom, while Lear decides to banish his youngest daughter Cordelia for not flattering him as the sisters did. As a result, Kent intercepts to warn Lear, â€Å"Reserve thy state, / And in thy best consideration check / This hideous rashness. Answer my life my judgment† (I i 151-153). Kent stakes his life on his opinion that Cordelia is actually the most loyal of the three daughters and begs for Lear to reconsider his rash decision, but he too gets banished by Lear, showing us how Lear is causing his own downward movement due to his excessive pride. Goneril later insults the foolishness of Lear giving away his powers, when she tells Oswald â€Å"let him to my sister, / Whose mind and mine I know in that are one, / Not to be overruled. Idle old man, / That still would manage those authorities / That he hath given away† (I iii 15-19). This shows Lear’s downward movement as Goneril treats him poorly and is certain her sister will treat him the same way. The Fool also reminds Lear of his terrible decision in handing his fortunes over to his daughters. When Lear begins to realize his own mistake, the Fool tells him in a riddle that a snail has a house â€Å"to put ‘s head in; not to give it away to his daughters, and leave his horns without a case† (I v 31-32). All of these situations demonstrate the inevitable downfall of the noble King Lear as his two daughters conspire to strip him of all his remaining power and fortunes. Key Question 9 In an ordered society, both justice and mercy are fundamental. However, in many circumstances they cannot be simultaneously applied. On its own, justice is more essential than mercy in order to maintain a civilized society. With a system of justice, we could prevent future crimes from taking place, maintain people’s rights and freedom, as well as prevent society from plunging into a state of destruction. With a justice system in place we could take preventive measures against future crimes and laws being broken. If people are punished for the crimes they commit, there would be fewer crimes and less mayhem in the world. People who demonstrate no mecy or remorse for the harm they inflict upon others deserve to be punished, otherwise they will continue their wrongdoings. In Act IV of King Lear, when Cornwall dies from the injuries inflicted by the servant during Gloucester’s blinding, Albany interprets his death as divine retribution. He cries out â€Å"This shows you are above, / You justicers, that these our nether crimes / So speedily can venge† (Iv ii 79-80). Since Cornwall has been punished for blinding Gloucester he can no longer harm other characters. Cornwall carried on with his evil intentions until he received his punishment (his own death) which finally put an end to his actions. Society requires a justice system in order to maintain people’s rights, freedom, and equality. In the play, Edgar, Cordelia, and Kent are three characters who have been treated unfairly and were left with no opportunity o prove themselves innocent. Cordelia is fortunate to have her own freedom after leaving the kingdom and marrying the Duke of France. However, Edgar and Kent were left to fend for themselves in order to survive and be accepted by others. When Edgar runs into his father Gloucester, he cries, â€Å"Who is ‘t can say ‘I am at the worst? ’ / I am worse than e’er I was† (Iv i 24-26). Edgar, who must disguise himself as â€Å"poor mad Tom† (IV i 27) in order to be accepted, considers the condition he is in as being the worst ever, compared to anyone else. These characters should be able to stand up for themselves and voice their opinions without being wrongly punished when it is not what other people want to hear. Edgar and Kent are left to suffer from other people’s mistakes because there is no righteousness in the way they were treated. In an ordered society, everyone deserves to have their own freedom of speech and be treated as equal, regardless of their opinions on different matters. Social justice can ensure that every individual receives the same treatment. An all-merciful society would lead the world to a state of ultimate chaos and destruction. Human existence would constantly be threatened by the dangers of society without a proper system of justice. Regan and Goneril continue to pose as a threat towards Lear and those who are on his side. When arguing with his wife, Albany points out that â€Å"If the heavens do not their visible spirits / Send quickly down to tame these vile offenses, / It will come, / Humanity must perforce prey on itself, / Like monsters of the deep. (iv ii 46-49). Albany implies that if the gods do not quickly bring justice everyone will eventually turn against each other, so without someone serving justice to all the evil people, humanity would be threatened by our own human race. Justice would prevail over mercy. In order to maintain a civilized society, people should receive proper punishment and suffer the consequences for their crimes so that we can prevent further crimes in the world, promote freedom and equality, and prevent tyranny in the world. If the Lear universe had a system of justice in place much like in our world today, many of the events leading to the tragic ending could have been avoided. Justice, in all aspects, makes a better resolution than mercy and will continue to serve to make society safe and secure. Works Cited Shakespeare, William. King Lear. Toronto: Signet Classic Shakespeare, 1998. Well expressed but a bit overstated! Justice involves more than punishment so the concept of justice that you were working from is skewed. 45/50 How to cite Lesson 6, Essay examples

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NT2580 Unit 5 Testing and Monitoring Security Controls free essay sample

A few different types of security events and baseline anomalies that might indicate suspicious activity Different traffic patterns or influx in bandwidth usage can be considered suspicous activity. Or sevices changing port usage, in turn creating variaitons in normal patterns. A sudden increase in overall traffic. This may just mean that your web site has been mentioned on a popular news site, or it may mean that someone is up to no good. A sudden jump in the number of bad or malformed packets. Some routers collect packet-level statistics; you can also use a software network scanner to track them. Large numbers of packets caught by your router or firewalls egress filters. Recall that egress filters prevent spoofed packets from leaving your network, so if your filter is catching them you need to identify their source, because thats a clear sign that machines on your network has been compromised. We will write a custom essay sample on NT2580 Unit 5 Testing and Monitoring Security Controls or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Unscheduled reboots of server machines may sometimes indicate their compromise. You should be already be watching the event logs of your servers for failed logons and other security-related events. Log Files contain complete records of all security events (logon events, resource access, attempted violations of policy, changes in system configuration or policies) and critical system events (service/daemon start/stop, errors generated, system warnings) that can allow a admin to quickly discover the root cause of any issues. Predictable passwords could be an issue too. User passwords are probably one of the most vulnerable ways to have a security breach. It is mostly due to weak passwords. Weak passwords being a minimum or 8 characters and not requiring a number and/or a special character. Ensure you emplement â€Å"strickt† password complexity standards. Limit unauthorized use of network resources by allowing access during businiess hours only. Do not allow remote access permitions to anyone, except those that manipulate the data for a living. Identification of malicious applications is of considerable importance to organizations in all sectors, but particularly for those organizations that operate in the financial sector or are constrained by regulations. If the malicious software component is a rootkit or similar program that takes complete control of a computer and then masks the fact that an attacker now controls the computer. It is difficult to be sure that your computers do not have such malicious applications running, because the rootkit might be better at concealment than you are at detecting them. Limit access to important systems (hardware) physical BUS ports. (USB, FIREWIRE, Serial, etc) As network security professionals you cant protect for something that never â€Å"technically† hits the network. If someone has malware installed to a thumb drive comes into your building and has access to a physical USB port then security has been breached. Solution Requirements The solution requirements to identify attackers overlap with those required to identify internal threats. These requirements include: ââ€"  A defense-in-depth approach to security implementation. ââ€"  Effective security audit logs. ââ€"  Reliable centralized collection of security logs. ââ€"  Automated analysis of the security logs to identify attack signatures. The solution requirements to detect malicious applications share some of the requirements to identify internal threats. These solution requirements include: ââ€"  Effective procedures to audit any unauthorized software on the network. ââ€"  Properly configured security audit logs. ââ€"  Reliable centralized collection and filters of security logs. ââ€"  Automated analysis of the security logs to identify suspicious behavior, with use of third-party programs where necessary.